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10 Reasons To Watch "The Middleman"
(In No Particular Order)

[warning: very image heavy]

01. Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Javi wrote the graphic novels that the show is based and he's also the creator/writer of the show. And he's awesome. He's also written for "Lost" (he wrote, among other episodes, "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" so he was the first one to kill Charlie), "Medium," "Charmed," "The Pretender," and more. He also has a LiveJournal (chaodai) and he posts all kinda of behind-the-scenes pictures and stuff for TMM on themiddleblog. Plus, he does the Javi-Cast, which is GREAT and I'm crossing my fingers that he answers my question next time.

02. The Middleman / Matt Keeslar
Tell the truth if you want, but if you do I'm going to have to root you like a hog and kill you.
He's awesome and sincere and old-fashioned and matter-of-fact. And he loves milk. And he will tie you to the car. (Oh yes, he would.)
(It doesn't hurt, of course, that Matt is incredibly good-looking.)

03. Wendy Watson / Natalie Morales
I was held at gunpoint by a gorilla while you did your Dudley Do-Right thing.
Wendy is snarky and spunky and is phased by very little. She's a painter and looks at this job as a way to save the world and have time to paint. And she can fly a freaking jet.

04. Profanity cheapens the soul and weakens the mind.
Wendy: Well, maybe. But every once in a while you could let out a [BLEEP] or a [BLEEP].
The Middleman: You kiss your mother with that mouth? Huh? Garbage mouth? Yes, you.

The Middleman does not believe in using profanity. He's like Simon Tam that way, only he chooses to use ri-goshdarn-diculous exclamations in said profanity's place.
Some examples of what the Middleman does say:
Sands of Zanzabar!
Grapes of Wrath!
Lord love a duck!
Hot flaming pork buns!
What in the gosh darn heck!
What the monkey?
Holy jumping bananas!
(And my personal favorite...) Gobsmackit!

05. Crazyfast and Awesome Dialogue
We're talking "Gilmore Girls" or "The West Wing" fast dialogue here. Do they breathe? I mean, really: do Matt and Natalie breathe?

Wendy: So rule number one, never ever give me the "Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" speech before you strap on your six-gun and leaving me back at the ranch making tea with Ida the prune-faced android.

The Middleman: You let yourself become distracted and the next thing you know a geologic rift opens and the city is overrun by three-toed hominids who once battled man for dominance while you've got your tighty-whiteys around your ankles.
Wendy: That happened to you, didn't it?

The Middleman: I tell ya, some chucklehead is always trying to take over the world.
Wendy: Is it true what you said? That if there's one thing you hate more than scientists trying to take over the world, it's scientists who twist innocent primates with computer enhanced mind control to live out their sick and perverted fantasies of criminal power?
The Middleman: Why would I lie about that?

06. You Can Read Along! Kinda.
The show is based on Javi's graphic novel series of the same name. (I've read the first three issues of Volume I; it's as awesome as the show.) AND starting July 25th you can buy The Middleman: The Collected Series Indispensability - all three volumes in one handy book! (Fun fact: comic!Wendy is a redhead. Booyeah.)

07. It's Ri-goshdarn-diculously Funny.

Israeli Museum Curator: (in Hebrew) Are you a product of the Kibbutz movement like me?
The Middleman: A man asked me that question once. I kicked his male reproductive organs into his watch pocket. Now he must check the time whenever he wishes to copulate.

The Middleman: I thought you solved your female problems.
Wendy: I don't think female problems mean what you think it means.

The Middleman: Sands of Zanzabar, you see an office building?
Wendy: Yeah, you don't?
The Middleman: I see a field: wild, overgrown, barbaric. Look, over there, a feral rabbit.
Wendy: Seriously?
The Middleman: No, I see an office building.
Wendy: Wow, somebody's funny in the Underworld.

Wendy: I'll tell you what you could do with it.
The Middleman: Will it be rated G?
Wendy: Doubt it.
The Middleman: Let's skip it, then.

08. ARMS.



If it was reason enough to watch "Big Shots", it's reason enough to watch anything.

09. The Supporting Cast

I'm a double-click away from making something go buh-bye.
Ida: the android secretary/coffee machine/scanning electron microscope/etc. that helps out The Middleman and Wendy.

You're getting paid more than nine an hour for this job, right?
Lacey: the confrontational spoken word performance artist and Wendy's best friend and roommate.

Yo Wendy Watson, who's that mighty mighty girl?
Noser: ...hangs out in the hallway outside of Wendy and Lacey's apartment with his guitar. I dunno, he's cool. He speaks in song lyrics.

10. Weapons and Gadgets and Things


themiddleblog - official
ABC Family's official site
Video of the cast's table read for episode 3: it's pretty funny and I love it when Matt slams his fist on the table and knocks over Natalie's water. :)
• Thanks to typicrobots for caps and themiddleblog for pictures for this post.

So watch "The Middleman," Mondays at 10/9c on ABC Family!
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